We write, create and distribute millions of comic books with tens of millions of readers in Africa.

A good comic makes you laugh or cry and it opens up your heart and your mind to new ideas. Comics can speak any language, to people who may not be completely literate, and who don’t need money or electricity to experience their magic.

Our comic books have proved a highly successful way to get millions of Africa’s young people to engage with important subjects, in powerful, meaningful ways. Especially when integrated with FM radio and new media.

In Africa good comic books have a long life too. Research finds that ours are passed from person to person up to 20 times, and are still being read for over a year.

Well Told Story is one of the world’s biggest comic book publishers (in terms of circulation) with a team of talented young Kenyan writers and artists. As a result, in 2010 almost 30% of Kenyans under 35 read a Well Told Story comic book full of good ideas to improve our world – that’s around 10 million people.

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