We integrate new media wherever we can in all the work we do.

Technology is transforming people’s lives in Africa forever. Mobile phones have changed the way people relate to one another, they’ve turned ordinary people into media makers, and now they are connecting tens of millions to the power of the internet.

Well Told Story keeps up with emerging trends and technologies that have the power to aid and amplify all our communications work. We integrate appropriate new technologies in our projects everywhere we can to better serve our audiences and our partners.

One of our Facebook pages was viewed 750,000 times in 2011. People are meeting there to discuss the ideas they find in our media. Those conversations create understanding and action. Analysing them helps us know our audiences and track our impacts.

Although we love the power of new media, we also remember that for a lot of people in Africa, an exciting comic book is cutting-edge ICT. So most of our projects combine multiple media, all the time.

See how we do this at The Proof of the Pudding

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