Shujaaz.FM (Heroes in Sheng – Kenya’s youth slang) has been designed to inspire and motivate millions of young Kenyans to take action to improve their lives and engage with urgent practical issues that shape their future....   Read more
Chakruok, a 24 x 20min radio drama & weekly discussion show, was designed, created and distributed by Well Told Story for the Population Council and USAID. The radio series was accompanied by illustrated leaflets, SMS, social media and Community Health Worker (CHW) activities all aimed at expanding access to integrated Reproductive Health and Family Planning and HIV services for married adolescent girls in rural Nyanza.   Read more.
Well Told Story has partnered closely with Research Into Use since launching Shujaaz in 2010, featuring vital RIU supported agricultural innovations in every edition of the Shujaaz multi-media channel over two years.

In 2011, RIU approached Well Told Story to develop an info-graphic capturing the many impacts and achievements of their multi-year Africa programme.   View info-graphic.
Well Told Story worked with GALVmed to design and create the Kenyan Dream Initiative campaign -an innovative multi-media advocacy initiative which aims to challenge attitudes to livestock amongst... Read more.
In 2010/2011 Well Told Story developed the KuwaShujaa (Be a Hero) project to address the stigma, prejudice and lack of opportunity facing HIV+ children in and out of Kenyan schools.

The project was part of an Operations Research study conducted by the Population Council with funding from USAID and was accompanied by rigorous impact research.

After in-depth formative research and wide consultation, Well Told Story designed...  Read the full impact evaluation.