Although we value the power of a well-told story, our success is based on science as well as imagination – research is at the centre of everything we do.

All our work is built on proven communications theories, on practical data we collect ourselves, and on the research of trusted experts. This way we ensure our communications are driving the changes we intend - and we can prove it because we constantly check, test, monitor and measure.

To do this we operate an in-house call-centre that continuously consults our audiences; our entire staff spends a day each month in audience focus groups; and we commission regular large-scale impact surveys to get an independent outside view.

We also database and analyse tens of thousands of incoming SMS and Facebook messages, and we record, document and analyse diverse qualitative and quantitative impact data for all our projects.

These insights are at the heart of our work, and also form the measurement of impact we deliver to our partners.

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